A life-changing kitchen trick…

A brilliant trick for the kitchen...

About a month ago, I read something on The Kitchn that caught my attention…

Make sure you have everything you need within reach. 

It seems so simple…but I hardly ever get everything I need out and ready when I’m about to cook something.  It gets overwhelming as I’m scrambling to find and measure ingredients as I go, hoping not to burn anything.  And when Jordan and I are cooking together, it’s compounded—even though we split up tasks, we’re usually running into each other as we’re scurrying around the kitchen.

So this weekend, we were making Vietnamese chicken curry (forever trying to replicate a hometown favorite).  While Jordan browned the chicken, I got everything out, measured it, and put it in order according to the recipe.  The schmancy chef’s term is mise en place.

A brilliant trick for cooking...

Cooking together was calm and relaxing…and when Jordan commented that he felt like a “real chef,” I knew that we’d be mise en place-ing a lot more.

I’m a big fan of this set of glass bowls, especially now.

And as far as the search a recipe that compares to Thanh Linh’s Vietnamese chicken curry…we’re getting closer.


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