Mug Shot Fabulous Mugs

All of my fun rhyme/cultural reference options for this post title were lame.

“Mean Muggin” is a circa-2007 slang term. “Your Mug is My Drug” would be so 2010. “It’s Motherf***ing Tea Time” seemed crude. So I decided to embrace the cliched lameness with “Mug Shot.” This is why advertising agencies are paid to come up with fun names and phrases—it is truly a talent.

I believe that a person’s mug collection, big or small, says a lot about their personality. They’re great conversation starters at home or work—I love hearing the stories behind mugs that are meaningful, gifted, made, or found. At my friend Tricia’s apartment, there is a very special mushroom mug. It brings good luck. The rule is, if you’re celebrating something of if you’re having a bad day, you get the mug (and we don’t just use it for coffee). If neither is happening, we usually end up making up reasons to celebrate.

OneTwo / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine


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